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Awlgrip Boat Painting Hawaii

Experience the joy of a freshly painted boat with our exceptional services. Whether you own a small skiff or a luxurious sailing yacht, we guarantee one of the finest paint jobs available on the island. Our team exclusively works with renowned brands such as AwlGrip, Kiwi Grip, single part polyurethane, Prop Speed, Interlux, Sea Hawk, and Pettit to ensure outstanding results.


In Hawaii, gel coating can deteriorate over time if not properly maintained. When this occurs, many boaters opt for a paint solution to cover the previous coating. At our company, we specialize in marine paint application and offer a wide range of top-quality brands. We particularly recommend AwlGrip for its exceptional durability, providing a longer-lasting finish.


Please note that our services are priced hourly, allowing for flexibility depending on the unique requirements of each project. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your specific needs, please use the contact form below. Let us alleviate the stress of the painting process and assist you in achieving the perfect look for your boat.

Boat Painting Hawaii Awlgrip
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