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OXE Diesel Outboards


A truly innovative marine design, OXE motors mount vertically and are easily installed in place of a comparatively-sized gas-powered outboard motor; but the similarity between an OXE diesel outboard and a traditional gas outboard stops there. Open the cowling on your new OXE outboard motor and you’ll see a horizontally mounted powerhead that has been hand-crafted based on a General Motors four-cylinder, turbodiesel automobile engine block. You’ll also see a patented belt transmission that transfers power directly to the propeller shaft, an electro-hydraulic multi-plate clutch design and a closed circuit coolant system.

OXE 125 Diesel Outboard Hawaii

OXE Diesel 125 hp engine

The OXE125 is particularly designed for displacement and semi-displacement vessels. It delivers 125hp and 376NM (278 ft-lb) of torque. With the high torque gear ratio on the primary belt, the unit delivers up to 603NM (445 ft-lb) of torque on the propeller shaft.

The OXE125 is the recommended work tool for vessels or barges, that need long operating hours, high agility and high torque.

OXE150 Diesel Outboard Hawaii

OXE Diesel 150 hp engine

The OXE150 is the most popular unit in the OXE Diesel range. It delivers 150hp and 380NM (280 ft-lb) of torque. With the high torque gear ratio on the primary system, the OXE150 delivers up to 607NM (447 ft-lb) of torque on the propeller shaft.

The OXE150 is specifically designed for agility and controllability in heavy commercial or load demanding applications, as well as in tender boats.

OXE Diesel 175 hp engine

The industries intended for the OXE175 are fishing, fish farming, transportation as well as other commercial applications with long-distance, high-speed and high load demands.


The OXE175 is also the ultimate work tool for planning vessels that need to carry heavy loads for longer periods of time.

OXE 175 Diesel Outboard Hawaii

Oxe Diesel Kreta

The OXE Diesel Kreta was designed and built for the commercial user according to their demands. For example, the Kreta offers superyacht tender boats unparalleled mastery of range, fuel efficiency, maintenance, safety and maneuverability, as well as ease of refueling directly from the yacht. Whether from touring and passenger transfer, to supply, load carrier and tug operations, the Kreta is designed for those who seek reliability at all times.

OXE 300 Diesel Outboard Hawaii

OXE Diesel 300 hp engine

The OXE300 is a Bi turbo configuration that provides its full 680NM of torque at the crankshaft already at 1750rpm, at 1000rpm the engine provides over 500NM at the crankshaft. These are torque numbers that were previously unheard of in the outboard industry and provides the user with massive bollard pulling power, as well as fast whole shot acceleration.

The OXE300 significantly reduces fuel emissions compared to gasoline fueled outboard standards.

OXE 200 Diesel Outboard Hawaii

OXE Diesel 200 hp engine

The OXE200 is the most powerful unit among the inline-four cylinder powerheads. It meets the demand of users who require high-speed capacity. It delivers 200hp and 415NM (306ft-lb) of torque. With the high torque gear ratio on the primary belt transmission, the unit delivers up to 900NM (664ft-lb) of torque on the propeller shaft.

The turbo and the gearbox of the OXE200 are further developed to withstand the increased torque and power.

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